Hello and welcome to EFRToronto! We provide first aid training in the greater Toronto area. If you are a parent, employer or an individual our course selection and scheduling can accommodate you. We offer a verity of training from in-home, to in classroom or at your place of business. We will give you the confidence to care and prepare you to make a difference when you are needed most. Our site is user-friendly to make it easy to get course information and sign up. See below to see why you need to be Emergency First Response Certified.

Why should I get my EFR certification?Why should every parent become EFR certified?How becoming EFR certified will change your life.
There are many reasons people are not EFR certified such as "I'm too busy, I don't know where to start or I already have enough knowledge to care for my self and others. But becoming First aid certified does more than save lives. Having the right skills combined with immediate and appropriate action greatly reduces the patient's recovery time and reduces the risk of further injury or long-term disabilities. Learning simple ways to recall and use life-saving skills wail remaining calm and confident will make you a more effective first responder. You will learn to relife the patient's discomfort and suffering through utilizing appropriate application of your skills such as applying bandages or ice packs correctly. You will learn to reduce anxiety and provide emotional support by remaining calm and collected. Becoming EFR certified will give you the tools to prevent a bad situation from getting worse. In some cases providing basic first aid care immediately will stop a person situation from deteriorating rapidly and will allow you to stabilize the patient until EMS can arrive. You will also learn the key point of information collection about what happened to the person to pass on to EMS which will save critical time in the person survival. Having an understanding of Basic first aid coupled with hands-on experience will allow you to have the confidence in your skills and abilities in relation to administering first aid. Knowing these skills will also help you in your day to day activities and increase your ability to avoid emergency situations before they come up. Having an Emergency First Response certification will provide you with a wide verity of skills enabling you to effectively deal with emergencies quickly, correctly and efficiently.
The anxiety and fear you can feel as parent when your child is in danger can be paralysing. In a matter of seconds, an emergency can become a life threating situation. What to do or how to respond may not always be evident but being prepared is the best way to avoid a non-serious injury becoming a life threating one. The Care For Children course teaches you how to remain calm and act accordingly during an emergency so appropriate first aid can be given and your child can also feel more at ease without panicking or baring unnecessary stress.
You may feel you already have the knowledge to deal with minor bumps and bruises but how would you deal with a life threating situation. In our courses, you will learn the same steps and producers all medical professionals use to assess and deal with emergencies, broken down into simple acronyms. You will learn how to diagnose the most common childhood injuries such as choking, drowning, falls, poisoning and burns and how to treat them to provide the best possible recovery. You will be making your home environment a safer place for you and your children by learning how to prepare a first aid kit. You and your child can take the class together and make it a fun learing experience that will benefit them for there entire lives.
Becoming Emergency First Response certified will not only make the people and loved ones around you safer but it will also make you a more health continuous person by teaching you about the anatomy of the heart and body and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


Emergency First Response Courses

EFRToronto provides quality first aid courses to the public. With an innovative training program, we focus on you the student and creating the confidence in your self to take action when your skills are needed most. Our two-tier system is based on Primary Care and Secondary Care for adults infants and children and can be taught separately or together depending on the needs of the applicant.  With flexible course scheduling and a competitive pricing system, we will work together to find a time, place and price suitable for you whether you are a business, group or individual. We do training in your home, place of work, or in our own classroom. With a fun and easy approach to learning students will retain the knowledge learned in the review section of the class and practice it in the hands-on section receiving the best value from their training possible.  A high quality of standards in our courses is guaranteed by cutting-edge course materials and international standardized training mandates.


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Students can preorder the student manual for home study prior to the course or as an in-class learning tool to keep for reviewing your skills later.


Course Selection

We offer a verity of courses including Primary Care and Secondary Care.       Each can be specific to adults or adults infants and children.